Advanced Vagrant use with Puppet

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Because there is no a better way to close the gap between Development and operations than by finding common ground between automation and repeatability.

Advanced vagrant use with puppet

You know when talked about vagrant and Magento before however that was a very simple case.

Voice of warning: this has nothing to do with Magento. This time… Puppet and Vagrant are the stars of the show.

What happens when you get Mitchell Hashimoto to talk about Puppet? Great things of course…

I felt awe inspired after watching this video from the PuppetConf in 2012:

Good examples of Puppet and Vagrant

Here are some good examples of the power of automation :

I must remind you that Christian Münch is the creator of n98-magerun that has inspired great posts like this one: Build your Magento playground in less than 60 seconds! and I covered before as well in our Magento developer toolbox 2.0. So we know for a fact that Christian is an automation freak.

I worked with Piwik before and I am always impressed with the quality of their releases.

So what’s next…?

I want to see what you guys come up with… Since I am now part of the #DevOPS automation goes above and beyond for me because now ensuring that the servers are up and running, performing great while the teams continue to develop code that has to be validated and deployed by my team sounds like it will need more than just a couple of bash scripts.

Why Puppet and no chef… why changing?

Simple Choice: automation and unification. 5 months ago I would have even said use cfengine3 and if you are using a BSD system that will be my choice. However most hosting providers currently use CentOS or RedHat in one way, shape or form and they are using Puppet consistently, therefore to keep it unified I am sticking with Puppet.

If you currently work with Chef or any other automation tool, by all means, don’t change it. But my mantra is keep it simple and if you have systems that require another layer just to understand each other… then you are complicating it and DevOPS are meant to solve problems not create them 😀

If by any chances you work with Puppet please contact me.

Keep on Hacking!

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