Quick tip for merging PDFs

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Currently I have been generating some automated reports from Pingdom and Newrelic and create some PDFs well, the code I was using was not merging them right (Read: I screwed it up) now let’s not dwell in the small details because I found this small Linux utility call pdftk, which is just wonderful when it comes to merging PDFs:

To Install it:

sudo apt-get install pdftk


pdftkInstall pdftk

To use it:

pdftk nr_report.pdf pingdom_report.pdf cat output site_health_report.pdf

It comes down to:

Files you want to merge and how you want to save the output. Now there is more, you can select specific pages to merge (which I didn’t need… so some more homework for you). But at the very least now you know merging PDFs in Linux is not that difficult and actually it is sort of fun now.

This is all CLI but you know me, as long as there is a good CLI tool the GUI is just dead to me!

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