Who Am I?

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Who the heck is Luis Tineo?

My name is Luis Tineo, originally from the Dominican Republic, I have been living in the United States for the past 3 years now. I am a husband and a dad. So I have the most beautiful women at home.

The name kingletas comes from 2 different times of my life. Here are two quick stories: letas, is actually every letter from my name except for the ‘a’… ‘LETAS stands for Luis Eduardo Tineo All Star’. I got to be an all star because I was unbeatable while playing in the arcades games specially NBA JAM TE. The king part was added 8 years later while I was in college and earned the right to be the ‘king’ of the group by obtaining the highest GPA score.

I graduated on 2007 as Telecommunications Engineer who hated development overall and loved Networking and electrical engineering which it was awesome.

But as it turns out I have done web development consistently since 2008 when I was working at Nexo Global. Where I got my Linux System Administration certification. I don’t really know how things turned out this way.

I worked as a Systems Architect for Blue Acorn and I am a Magento Certified Developer Plus. Currently I am working at Code Grease as a Senior Developer. This is a very fun ride

Look at me now… I am passionate about Development and consistently strive for ways to know more and do better overall.

I love playing chess and PS3 games, my favorite games include God of War, Resident Evil, Zelda and Darksiders.

Love reading books, which by now you’ve guessed are development related. Heck I got an Android tablet just to read books. My library is so big I would need to rent some storage room to have them in the same place. Technology rocks!!!

I am an amateur, very amateur, cyclist and love going hiking with my family and dogs.

I love watching movies… my favorites of all time are: Armageddon, The pursuit of happiness and Gladiator.

My favorite phrase is “Never give up” which I apply on my daily life to become better at everything I do, especially when things become harder or stressful.

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