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Magento PHP Developers Guide Book review

      A little disclaimer first: I’m not an expert reviewing books but I think this one is so good that… it is worth the risks This book is awesome First and foremost, I’d like to say that this This book rocks. And in this review, I’d like to explain why it rocks so much. If […]

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Because a video explains it better

This is BlueTir It can be found in Github: BlueTir

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Magento FPC Breadcrumb Dissapearing

Let’s fix the Magento FPC breadcrumb dissapearing on the site We all know how Magento’s full page cache works and we know it is pretty awesome. We also know that most software is bound to have bugs. Magento’s FPC has a very annoying one: The breadcrumb tends to disappear. Fixing this one is actually pretty […]

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Improve Magento’s speed using RAM drives

Improve Magento’s speed using RAM drives Wikipedia explains very well what RAM drives are and we all know that SSD are fast reading but have issues with endurance There’s a myriad of options and possibilities that one could do to improve Magento’s performance and adding a different one to the mix doesn’t really hurt, right? […]

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toolbox v2.0

Magento Developers Toolbox v2.0

Let’s expand our magento developers toolbox Part one of the series can be found here. I was supposed to be in hiatus… but I was reminded by my 4 month old daughter that I am awake 24/7 so it’d make sense to use that time wisely. I was also reminded that I promised a Magento […]

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Git branching

Git for ages 4 and up

Best darn way to understand git Here is a great branching tutorial. I hope this helped you get your git-fu ready for a black belt challenge in Magento land!!! Happy coding!

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